Monday, March 25, 2019

RC2019/03 -- Halftime Report

Ok, it's 10 days past "half" time...but this is better than nothing, right? :-)

Comments In Blue

To see the judge's comments, go to the entrants page. I have added my comments in blue text. I don't think I've been too critical, or stepped on anyone's toes, but sometimes it can be hard to tell for sure -- no offense intended! Please presume that at worst, I might be poking a little fun. But honestly, for the most part there are great projects which deserve nothing but good things to say.

If you do feel the need to reply, then send me an email. I'm happy to add your rebuttal!

Back To Work

So anyway, enjoy the respite while you consider my thoughts on your project and take a moment to look at your competitor's projects as well. There is some great fun and amusement to be had. But honestly, no project feels as good as a finished project -- are you done? If not, then you've got (almost) one more week...get busy!

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