Wednesday, November 1, 2023

This Is the End!

Time's up, light pens down!

You did it... we are at the end of another great month of the RetroChallenge! Despite the limited number of entries, we had great participation this year, which is the way we really like it.

I will always remember this RetroChallenge as the one where I completely ignored my project and instead met up with urbancamo on his visit to Southern California. We did a version of "October Offline" as we checked out the USS Midway Museum, ate a bunch of Mexican food, and went to an (American) football game to see the Los Angeles Rams and Ice Cube. What a great time, and a great guy to co-host this event with!

As promised, if you participated in the challenge, you can vote for the winners. Take a look at the project links in the Entrants List and then cast your vote on the RC2023/10 ballot. Make sure to get your vote in on or before Tuesday, November 7 (conveniently Election Day here in the USA), and we will award prizes based on the vote and the organizer's favorites. urbancamo, ep00ch, and an ACMS board member will be spending next couple of weeks reviewing and writing up all of the projects. Stay tuned for results!

mannequin repairing radio on aircraft carrier
Radio Repair room on the USS Midway... at least somebody is getting their project done!