Sunday, December 10, 2017

RC2017/10 -- Re-prize-al...

In our last installment, I announced that Niels Moseley (@trc_wm) would be awarding his "dead tree" copy of Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost to Eric Smith (@brouhaha). Consequently, Eric then informed me that he already had that book, that he had no need of another copy, and that he was just pleased to have been named a winner. Well, that's nice and all...but what about that book? :-)


Since Niels was generous enough to offer the book in the first place, it seemed right to me for Niels to have a say in its distribution. So, I suggested to him that he might hold the book for another round of RetroChallenge, choose to award it to another competitor, or possibly even keep the book for himself. Niels has graciously chosen to award another competitor.

After some consideration, Niels says "in light of the book's subject (minimal hardware of the Atari 2600), I'd like it to go to Mark Sherman for his Altair basic on the CoCo." So, there we have it! Congratulations to Mark (@carangil_mws) once again for his CoCo project.

Mark, check your message on Twitter for something from @CoCoCrewPodcast, and let us know if Niels and I need to make yet another pass on the awards... :-)

Monday, December 4, 2017

RC2017/10 -- Who Won What?

How embarassing! I finished remarks on the RC2017/10 entries and took a break to decide on final winners. Then I forgot that I never announced winners! Talk about a "senior moment"...

Prize Winners

Niels Moseley (@trc_wm) has offered-up a "dead tree" copy of Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost. I would like to award that prize to Eric Smith (@brouhaha).

I am providing a "dead tree" copy of Interfacing Microcomputers to the Real World by Murray Sargent III and Richard L. Shoemaker. I would like to award that prize to James Ots (@jamesots).

In honor of one other great project that also included some masterful "buttering up" of the judge, I am making available a brand new, boxed cartridge game for the Tandy Color Computer -- choice of Fahrfall, Xmas Rush, Follow CoCo, or Bomb Threat. I am awarding this prize to Jim Gerrie.

To claim your prize, please forward your mailing address to me via private message on Twitter as either @retrochallenge or @JohnWLinville.

Honorable Mentions

I wish I had prizes for everyone that competes in RetroChallenge, but for now that is beyond my means. Nevertheless, I would still like to recognize a few other stand-out projects. These include Paul Robson (@paulscottrobson), Niels Moseley (@trc_wm), Christopher Just (@coronax_cj), Franke Linde (@minus56bits), and Mark Sherman (@carangil_mws). Mark, you still owe The CoCo Crew (@CoCoCrewPodcast) an interview as well!

Seeya Soon!

I would like to remind everyone that RetroChallenge happens twice a year, six months apart. If you are crazy enough to compete, I am crazy enough to judge and comment. So, I will look forward to seeing most of you back along with some new competitors for RC2018/04 in April!