Friday, April 28, 2017

RC2017/04 is in the final stretch!

Hello, all! It has been a bit quiet here at RetroChallenge HQ this month...or at least that would be the impression left by the lack of blog posts!

Hyperactive Schedule

The fact is, this April (and perhaps April in general) has turned-out to be less than friendly to me for much RetroChallenge activity. Note, that there has been plenty of retro-computing activity -- VCF East, CoCoFEST!, and VCF Southeast this weekend. It is just that none of that activity has been particularly relevant to RetroChallenge. It may be that we will need to entertain another schedule shift, since none of these annual events appear to be shifting their schedules anytime soon.

Deadline Approaching

Nevertheless, time (and the end of RC2017/04) marches on! I have been keeping-up with the Twitter feed, and from there I know that several of our contenders have been making good progress. Due to my overbooked schedule, I never got a "half-time report" published for this round, but there will be no such excuse offered fo the final results... The official end of the event will be at midnight GMT on 30 April 2017, but as usual a grace period will be observed until midnight in each competitor's local timezone.

Pass In Review

It will take a few days after Sunday both to review everyone's entry and for the judges to confer. Thereafter, verdicts will be rendered, blame assigned, and punshments meted-out! Ummm...or something like that... :-)

So until then, RetroChallenge competitors -- may the odds be ever in your favor!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

And...RC2017/04 is a go!

I've been a little quiet over the past few days, due to travel to New Jersey to attend the VCF East event. During that time, my email Inbox filled-up with number of last-minute entries for the RC2017/04 event. Now we have more than 2 dozen entrants -- huzzah!

There are so many entrants that I haven't had enough time to grasp every entry -- I was too busy just trying to log them all! Still, my general feeling is that we have a good group of entries of roughly the same caliber as we are accustomed to seeing. So, this should be another great month of retro goodness to entertain and inspire us all.

Good luck to all the entrants, and thank to all the observers for all the support that you can and will be providing to our competitors...

Now...go be retro!