Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Finish Line!

Time's up, soldering irons down!

We did it! Another great RetroChallenge with some fine projects and great participation. Urbancamo and I were especially impressed with how few non-starters we had with nearly everyone makig some progress on their retrocomputing projects.

Now, I promised we would have a vote for the Endurance Challnge, but with only two participants this doesn't make sense. Instead, we will open the voting up to the General Category too! So, get your vote in on or before Tuesday, November 8 (conveniently Election Day here in the USA), and we will award prizes based on the vote and the organizer's favorites. urbancamo and ep00ch will be spending next couple of weeks reviewing and writing up all of the projects. Stay tuned for results!

If you participated in this RetroChallenge, you can cast your vote on the RC2022/10 ballot after reviewing the project links in the Entrants List.