Wednesday, July 24, 2019

RC2019/03 -- Results & Transitions...

I've been doing a 'less than stellar' job on the last few RetroChallenge events. I could make excuses involving aging teenagers, demanding work schedules, etc. But in any case, I just have not been able to make RetroChallenge a priority for a while...


But first things first -- let's screw the cap on the last event, before we officially move on to whatever is next.

As is customary, I would like to acknowledge a few "winners" (in no particular order):
  • Tom Raidna
  • Abraham Vreugdenhil
  • RaphaĆ«l Assenat
And also, a few "honorable mentions":
  • Richard Loxley
  • Mark Sherman
  • Brandon Blodget
I would also like to offer "special recognition" to 'qguv and utz' and to Marcel van Kervinck. I'm pretty sure that these are two great projects, but I'm not sure that I ever could really wrap my head around them -- that is probably "just me". Nevertheless...good work, and thanks for sharing your projects with us!

I apologize to the "winners", as I have no prizes lined-up for them. I'll owe you a beer (or similar beverage or other tasty treat), should we ever meet in person. I'm not _that_ hard to find, if you are desperate to claim your prize... :-)

Moving On

So with that, I officially proclaim RC2019/03 closed. The next event had been christened as RC2019/09 and scheduled for September. Whether or not that plan remains intact will depend on someone else, as I have decided to withdraw from my role as an organizer of this event. September or not, I'm fairly certain that RetroChallenge events will continue -- so watch this space, and monitor the @RetroChallenge Twitter feed!

I have asked Michael Mulhern to take the reigns, and he has agreed to do so. Whether or not Michael accepts some help from the VCF folks or anyone else will be up to him. I definitely wish him (and/or his successors) well, and I will offer whatever aide and support that seems appropriate. Anyway, hopefully we will be hearing more soon...

RetroChallenge Forever

Until then, get to cleaning your soldering tools, organizing your parts bins, and planning your code. How else will you make a good showing at the next RetroChallenge?