Friday, August 31, 2018

RC2018/09 is ready to go, go, go!!

Projects have been proposed, preparations have been made...this place about to b-l-o-w!

Hmmm...that song is so old, it is retro...oh, bother...well, no matter!

Heat-up your soldering irons, strip your wires, crack open your programming language manuals and find your CPU reference cards. It's time for the next RetroChallenge event to hit the world! Will this be the best one yet? MAYBE! :-)

Official run time of RC2018/09 will be from 12:00am GMT on 1 September 2018 (i.e. less than three hours from now) until 11:59pm on 30 September 2018. Traditionally, we have granted competitors the courtesy of shifting that time period to correspond with their own timezones, and that courtesy will be observed this time as well for those that so desire.

Alright then, so...ready, steady, go! Do try to have some fun now, ya hear? ;-)

Monday, August 6, 2018

Next RetroChallenge Event: September 2018 (RC2018/09)

Well, I've suggested it, hinted at it, circulated it, and done everything but announce it. Now, here it is: the next RetroChallenge event will occur during the month of September in 2018. Henceforth, this event will be known as RC2018/09.

I hope that this scheduling change will not be too inconvenient for anyone. The change from the January/July schedule to the April/October one was intended to boost participation. I'm not sure it did that, but maybe it helped. In any case...after I inherited the new schedule along with becoming the event organizer, I felt the pain as the schedule just didn't work for me. I feel like the event suffered from my distraction, and I'm still hoping to rectify some of that...stay tuned?

RC2018/09 -- Open for Entrants!

So, with all that is about that time of year again! Who is ready for another round of RetroChallenge?!?!?!

Entries Accepted

If you plan to join us in the RC2018/09 competition, now is the time to make yourself known. Feel free to refer to our "RetroChallenge Rules" page for reminders, but the basics are "do something interesting with an old computer, and blog about it for month". Please note that microcontrollers now qualify under similar conditions to video game consoles (i.e. made in the previous century).

Whatever you are going to do, please send me an email describing:

  1. Your name (or alias);
  2. Your picture (or I'll find something online);
  3. Your Twitter handle (if applicable);
  4. Your blog location (for project updates); and
  5. A brief synopsis of your project.
I likely will produce an entrants list that looks a bit like the one from RC2018/04, so use that as a guide for the level of information needed. Please send the information requested above to me via email to linville at tuxdriver dot com -- figuring-out how to decode that address is your first test...

Get Things Rolling!

Well, then, that's all for now -- just over 4 weeks until the start of the competition! Currently I do not have any prize donations to announce, but I am hopeful as always that our retro-oriented friends will come through with some great prize offerings. Don't worry! Remember, the competition is it's own reward... :-)

Anyway, get your entry to me, order your parts, and make any necessary preparations. September will soon be here!