RetroChallenge Rules

Remember, this is RetroChallenge! While it has it's competitive aspects, it is a bit like the opposite of Global Thermonuclear War -- the only way to lose is not to play...

Competition Rules

  1. RetroChallenge 2018/09 commences 1st September 2018 and runs until 30th September 2018.
  2. In order to qualify, computer systems must by approximately 10 years old (or older!) however exceptions will always be made for exotica!
  3. Gaming consoles and PDAs qualify if they were made in the previous century. Microcontrollers (typically 8-bit) qualify under similar conditions.
  4. Where appropriate, replica hardware and emulators may be used.
  5. Entrants are responsible for adequately documenting their projects and submitting occasional updates during the contest. (The standard is a blog with posts between daily and weekly or so...)
  6. Projects may encompass any aspect of retro-computing that tickles the fancy of the individual entrant.
  7. Winners will be carefully selected and adulation bestowed.
  8. Have fun!


Seriously, participating in RetroChallenge is it's own reward. No, I really mean it! Stop laughing...

OK, so usually there are some prizes. These tokens are awarded based on a combination of availability (i.e. donations) and the fickle whims of our judges, whomever they may be for a given event. If you are proclaimed a winner, then be happy. If not, then better luck next time. You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit! :-)