Thursday, May 31, 2018

RC2018/04 -- judging completed...

Greetings RetroChallenge fans! Some of you will be pleased to know that I have finally completed my review of the RC2018/04 projects. I have put my comments in red on the Entrants List. Please do have a look -- competitors, please review my comments for fairness and accuracy, and feel free to send me any rebuttal comments that you would like to have on the record.

I will contemplate prizes for a few days, as I collect any rebuttal statements. Don't worry, no prize of any meaningful value is likely to be awarded... :-)

Late Again

Once again I find myself in the position of apologizing for my late review of the projects. Real life can be a bit unpredictable as to when it places its requirements upon one's time, but it is starting to feel like the current RetroChallenge schedule is aligning too closely with external forces placing predictable demands on my time and attention. The "day job" can be bad enough, but CoCoFEST! and Tandy Assembly are now annual events demanding my attention in April and October.

I liked the old January and July RetroChallenge scheduling, but others had problems at those times as well. I wonder if March and September might be worth a try instead?


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

RC2018/04 -- pencils down!

OK! It is well past midnight GMT, and probably everywhere by now. It's time to relax, to pour a cold one, to polish your blog if it still needs it, and to reintroduce yourself to your family. You can start brainstorming for your RC2018/10 project, but its still to early to start work on that...

I will start reviewing final submissions soon. If you still need a little time to finish your blog, then please let me know and I'll try to accommodate you. Also, if you moved your blog or I otherwise don't have your blog URL on the entrants list then please update me with that information as soon as possible. If I can't find your blog, then I will have to disqualify your entry -- sorry!

Great Work...Thanks!

Otherwise, thanks to our competitors for another great month of competition! I'll be back shortly to announce the final results...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

RC2018/04 almost over...already??

Time is, once again, the enemy of us all. What started on April 1st will soon be at an end, and where has the time gone? Those watching on Twitter have seen a lot of activity from at least a slice of the competitors. In the meantime, once again I have had a busy month in real life -- I didn't even produce a half-time report for this go 'round! Shame on me...

Final Stretch

Despite my personal difficulties (who decided to do this in April??), the competition has progressed with each individual competitor making their own way as usual. As of now, another day and a few more hours remain. Some competitors may already be finished, and others hopelessly behind. For those in the middle, now is your last chance!

So, solder those parts, turn those screws, burn that code into ROM, and do whatever else remains to make things presentable. Oh, and tidy-up those blogs and send me a reminder ASAP if you moved your blog or switched to YouTube or smoke signals or whatever else. Meanwhile, I'll sift through my book pile and my stack of antique electronics in search of a few suitable prizes.

So that's about it -- pencils down tomorrow and then I'll need some time to review the final reports. Bonne chance, buena suerte, good luck, etc. Set fun to maximum!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

RC2018/04 is a go!

Yes, I've been busy lately, and I'm a bit behind on processing the entries. But nevermind that -- the show must go on!

It's already April in some places, and well past time to claim some time for your retro hobby. So, all you geeks, gadgeteers, builders, and boffins of all types should be digging-out your retro gear and getting to work. My shortcomings are no excuse -- your entry will be properly recorded well before the competitions ends... :-)

So, dig out your 8-bit machines, your assemblers, your oscilloscopes and your soldering irons. It's time to get cracking. I can hardly wait to see what you can do, and the world is in line behind me.

Remember: you are only young once, but you can be retro forever!

Are you ready to face the Retro Challenge?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Contestants Can Use ViTNO as Platform for Blog!

Thinking of joining into the contest for April, but unsure about where to post the required blog updates? Well, then you are in luck...

No Excuses

That's right, you now have one less excuse! So what are you waiting for?

It's RetroChallenge!! The only losing move is not to play...

Monday, March 5, 2018

RC2018/04 -- Open for Entrants!

It is about that time of year again! Who is ready for another round of RetroChallenge?!?!?!

Enter Now

If you plan to join us in the RC2018/04 competition, now is the time to make yourself known. Feel free to refer to our "RetroChallenge Rules" page for reminders, but the basics are "do something interesting with an old computer, and blog about it for month". Whatever you are going to do, please send me an email describing:
  1. Your name (or alias);
  2. Your picture (or I'll find something online);
  3. Your Twitter handle (if applicable);
  4. Your blog location (for project updates); and
  5. A brief synopsis of your project.
I likely will produce an entrants list that looks a bit like the one from RC2017/10, so use that as a guide for the level of information needed. Please send the information requested above to me via email to linville at tuxdriver dot com -- figuring-out how to decode that address is your first test...

Let's Get Going!

Well, then, that's all for now -- just under 4 weeks until the start of the competition! Currently I do not have any prize donations to announce, but I am hopeful as always that our retro-oriented friends will come through with some great prize offerings. I do have a couple of items in-hand, and probably I can dig-up another thing or two around here. Don't worry! Remember, the competition is it's own reward... :-)

Anyway, get your entry to me, order your parts, and make any necessary preparations. April will soon be here!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

RC2017/10 -- Re-prize-al...

In our last installment, I announced that Niels Moseley (@trc_wm) would be awarding his "dead tree" copy of Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost to Eric Smith (@brouhaha). Consequently, Eric then informed me that he already had that book, that he had no need of another copy, and that he was just pleased to have been named a winner. Well, that's nice and all...but what about that book? :-)


Since Niels was generous enough to offer the book in the first place, it seemed right to me for Niels to have a say in its distribution. So, I suggested to him that he might hold the book for another round of RetroChallenge, choose to award it to another competitor, or possibly even keep the book for himself. Niels has graciously chosen to award another competitor.

After some consideration, Niels says "in light of the book's subject (minimal hardware of the Atari 2600), I'd like it to go to Mark Sherman for his Altair basic on the CoCo." So, there we have it! Congratulations to Mark (@carangil_mws) once again for his CoCo project.

Mark, check your message on Twitter for something from @CoCoCrewPodcast, and let us know if Niels and I need to make yet another pass on the awards... :-)