Monday, December 4, 2017

RC2017/10 -- Who Won What?

How embarassing! I finished remarks on the RC2017/10 entries and took a break to decide on final winners. Then I forgot that I never announced winners! Talk about a "senior moment"...

Prize Winners

Niels Moseley (@trc_wm) has offered-up a "dead tree" copy of Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost. I would like to award that prize to Eric Smith (@brouhaha).

I am providing a "dead tree" copy of Interfacing Microcomputers to the Real World by Murray Sargent III and Richard L. Shoemaker. I would like to award that prize to James Ots (@jamesots).

In honor of one other great project that also included some masterful "buttering up" of the judge, I am making available a brand new, boxed cartridge game for the Tandy Color Computer -- choice of Fahrfall, Xmas Rush, Follow CoCo, or Bomb Threat. I am awarding this prize to Jim Gerrie.

To claim your prize, please forward your mailing address to me via private message on Twitter as either @retrochallenge or @JohnWLinville.

Honorable Mentions

I wish I had prizes for everyone that competes in RetroChallenge, but for now that is beyond my means. Nevertheless, I would still like to recognize a few other stand-out projects. These include Paul Robson (@paulscottrobson), Niels Moseley (@trc_wm), Christopher Just (@coronax_cj), Franke Linde (@minus56bits), and Mark Sherman (@carangil_mws). Mark, you still owe The CoCo Crew (@CoCoCrewPodcast) an interview as well!

Seeya Soon!

I would like to remind everyone that RetroChallenge happens twice a year, six months apart. If you are crazy enough to compete, I am crazy enough to judge and comment. So, I will look forward to seeing most of you back along with some new competitors for RC2018/04 in April!

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