Tuesday, April 2, 2019

RC2019/03 -- Judging Begins

March has passed and April is here. Our month of retro-frivolity is over! Once again, real-life intruded on me enough to keep my project from flourishing. However, many of our competitors saw much more success than I did...

Still A Bit Longer

Even though I sometimes need some help with judging, I always try to ensure that someone comments appropriately on every entry. Competitors are sharing a bit of themselves and of their time by participating, and everyone deserves some attention and a bit of feedback. I hope that everyone can appreciate that this takes time and consideration over a few days. The half-time report came quicker than usual this time, so let's all hope to see that streak continue!

End Of Summer

I know that some of you will drift away after reading this, so let me go ahead and remind everyone that the next scheduled RetroChallenge event will happen in September of this year. I know that the schedule has moved around a bit over the past few events, but I think that we are all settled-in to the April-September groove well enough for now. So if you can't be bothered to wait for the RC2019/03 results, then check back here in time for the September event. We should be collecting entries for RC2019/09 starting in August!

As for the final results from RC2019/03 -- stay tuned!

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