Friday, March 22, 2019

RC2019/03 -- one more week!

Tick, tock -- time marches on! Before long, the month of March will be over, and the midpoint is well past already. I'm looking at the entries for the halftime progress, and I know Michai is looking too. Hopefully we can get a halftime report out before too long.

Meanwhile, the competitors are continuing their projects and having lots of fun. That's really the point -- little of practical use comes from Retrochallenge, other than the joy that gets sparked in both the competitors and the observers. So do take a chance to review the entries, make comments, tell your nerdy friends, etc! Make a party out of the spectacle.

As of now, there is one week and the following weekend remaining for the competition. In many cases, that could be enough time for a complete project! In other cases, it may just be enough time to document your progress and withdraw with a little dignity...but honestly, if you entered this event, then dignity can't be much of a priority...

Alright, here ends this interruption. Get back to your projects, do your best, and make us all proud!!

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