Tuesday, September 5, 2017

RC2017/10 -- Open for Entrants!

OK...I reckon it's about that time again -- who is ready for another round of RetroChallenge?!?!?!

Enter Now

If you plan to join us in the RC2017/10 competition, now is the time to make yourself known. Feel free to refer to our "RetroChallenge Rules" page for reminders, but the basics are "do something interesting with an old computer, and blog about it for month". Whatever you are going to do, please send me an email describing:
  1. Your name (or alias);
  2. Your picture (or I'll find something online);
  3. Your Twitter handle (if applicable);
  4. Your blog location (for project updates); and
  5. A brief synopsis of your project.
I likely will produce an entrants list that looks a bit like the one from RC2017/04, so use that as a guide for the level of information needed. Please send the information requested above to me via email to linville at tuxdriver dot com -- figuring-out how to decode that address is your first test...

Go, Go, Go!

Well, then, that's all for now -- a little more than three weeks until the start of the competition! Currently I do not have any prize donations lined-up, but I am hopeful as always that some of our retro-oriented friends will come through with some great prize offerings. Or I probably can dig-up a thing or two around here. There should be some Tandy Assembly left-overs, if nothing else. Don't worry! Remember, the competition is it's own reward... :-)

Anyway, get your entry to me, order your parts, and make any necessary preparations. October will soon be here!

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