Entrants List 2017/04

Listed below are the competitors joining us for the 2017/04 event:

Mark D. Overholser (aka MarkO)



To make this a project that actually can be completed in time, I am "attempting" a Multi-Player, Networked Text Adventure, with a Server running on a modern PC, and the Clients being the Apple ][, ( with the Uthernet II Card ) and the Tandy CoCo, ( with a Serial Port and a Lantronix UDS-10/100/1000 ).



www.vintage8bit.com/path TBA when I fix my broken site.

I will build a Tynemouth Systems Minstrel ZX80 Clone Issue 2 and design (and maybe build) an mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX style keys that can be used on the ZX80, ZX81 or or other matrix keyboard systems.

Sean McNamara


Me again for 2017/04, a "europlus Refurbapalooza Revisit".

Scott Lawrence



My plan for this RetroChallenge is to recreate pixel perfect versions of some of Andy Warhol's Amiga works, in their original  file formats, using an Amiga, and/or Amiga emulation.  I will be using Deluxe Paint and GraphiCraft as well as reference images to make the reproductions.

Many pieces have been released, but all of them are in non-amiga-native formats, usually PNG, JPEG or as screenshots in videos.  I want to reproduce them as IFF/ILBM in their original 320x200x32 color format.

It's a vast departure for me from previous RC's, doing arty stuff instead of hardware-ey stuff, but I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, and this feels like the best opportunity to do so!

Yes. the above JPEG is not good enough for me.  ;)

Jim Gerrie

(Twitter free)


Blog about my recent programming activities:
  • “Aerien” my 3rd entry for the Basic 10-liner programming competition
  • My updates to my Sokoban program
  • Doing the last 3 programs for the Microdeal 5 part text adventure series (Castle Dracula, Mansion, and Adventure in Jerusalem)
  • Port of C64 game Aerojam
  • Roulette and The Quest from Dick Smith VZ200
  • New game “Curse of the Undead”

Tom Raidna




Using Altirra the Atari 400/800 emulator complete the following :
  1. complete the Dorsett Education program (cassette s/w with voice) on Statistics - 16 cassette files downloaded from archive.org and document at traidna@wordpress.com
  2. Write a statistics program in Kyan Pascal on Atari 800 (emulator) which will compute descriptive stats, Anderson-darling test for normality, one and two sample T-Tests, one and two proportion tests etc.
  3. create youtube videos on creating the statistics program, as there does not appear to be any for Kyan Pascal on Atari
  4. blog on the process at traidna.wordpress.com, update the kyanpascal.wordpress.com blog on creating programs
Spencer Owen



Recently I picked up a whole load of kit from a company that had no use for it any more.  Roughly speaking it's a custom CP/M machine, a lot of Z80 single board computers, backplanes and a myriad of expansion PCBs.  There's also some Z80 In Circuit Emulators, keyboards, power supplies, empty rack and other yet unidentified items.

Throughout April I intend to sort through this.  Primary goal is to identify what everything is and catalogue it all with decent photographs. Getting down and dirty with some of the boards and identifying pinouts, chips used, dumping EPROM contents etc will also feature.  The CP/M machine looks like it needs some TLC, but hopefully I'll bring it back to life. The Z80 ICE's have got documentation with them (which if it isn't already available online means I'll scan it all to PDF), so I'd like to get them up and running, at least to find out if they will be of any use in the modern world.  Finding good homes for some of the kit is also a stretch goal.

Phillip Stevens



I have been working on modern Single Board Computer build with retro components over nearly a year. It therefore doesn't qualify for the Retro-challenge as it is a long term project. So the challenge entry is effectively a "sprint" within the overall project, to implement an IDE interface for the YAZ180.


The YAZ180 is a combination of the fastest Z80 processor available, running at 36.864MHz, together with 1970's components. Included in the build are the AMD Am9511A-1 APU, Lattice GAL devices, Intel 82C55, and a number of Texas Instruments TIL311s.

My intention is to receive the PCB with the designed IDE interface early in April, build up and test the new version of YAZ180 (which is in itself a challenge) and then, using a combination of the code from Paul and ChaN, read and write an IDE PATA drive with FAT32.


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