Friday, May 26, 2017

RC2017/04 Final Results

Not only has April come and past, but now May is soon to follow. It is high time to post some results!

As a reminder, we have the following prize donations:
  • Bounty Box: 8-bit pixelated sunglasses, a copy of The Soul of a New Machine (1981) in genuine dead-tree format, and and a pack of Sugru pliable epoxy repair putty (donated by Mike Spooner)
  • a copy of Terrible Nerd, signed paper book or kindle (donated by Kevin Savetz)
  • a signed/autographed Floppy Days T-shirt? Or any sort of Floppy Days item that can be purchased from VistaPrint (donated by Randy Kindig)
  • a copy of the Original Gamer Stevie Strow CoCoFEST 25th Anniversary Edition CoCo Game Play Videos DVD (donated by Steve Strowbridge)
  • two Raspberry Pi Zero W PCBs (donated by Michael Mulhern)
Just as a side note, Michael Mulhern was originally slated to help with the judging, but the real world has swamped him with personal committments. This has left the judging responsibilities completely to me this time around, so now you know whom to blame if you disagree with the results!

Now, on with the show! I would like to restate that the Retrochallenge is all about fun, with the understanding that it is fun to apply our technical skills and wherewithal to do silly things around old computers. A good showing in Retrochallenge should be fun for the participant and the audience, and receiving (or not receiving) a prize should not be seen as an endorsement (or lack thereof) of anyone's skills or efforts. With that in mind, I designate the following prize pairings in recognition for the entries that I found to be the most "Retrochallenge-y" this time around:
  • Bounty Box -- Richard Loxley
  • Terrible Nerd -- Scott Lawrence
  • Floppy Days schwag -- Tom Raidna
  • ogStevieStrow CoCo Game Play DVD -- Matteo Trevisan
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W -- Mark Sherman
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W -- Ryan Walmsley
Honorable Mentions also go out to Sean McNamara, Phillip Stevens, Alan Garfield, Christopher Just, and Mike Spooner -- nice projects! And, of course, we extend our deepest condolences to Rob O'Donnell on the untimely lost of his father. Best wishes to all, of course.

Prize winners, please send your shipping information to me as linville at tuxdriver dot com... If you can't decipher the email address, then ask in the comments! :-)
Well done, prize winners and honorable mentions! Better luck next time to the other competitors! And please do stay tuned for more Retrochallenge news and announcements as we approach the next event, currently slated for October 2017!


  1. The 4th be with you! Retrochallenge is without doubt a great competition this one was full of entry!

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