Sunday, May 14, 2017

Even Judge's Excuses Wear Thin...

I know, I know -- where are the results? I am embarassed that this is taking so long, and I do apologize profusely!

Partial Results

In the meantime, I have gone through the entrants list and for those entries that never got off the ground I have appended a "FALSE START" notation. Similarly, for those that didn't seem to get where they were going I have added a "DID NOT FINISH" notation. Please check my work, in case I have followed the wrong link for someone's blog or made some other similarly bone-headed mistake -- these things can happen...

Plenty To Do

Once again I am amazed both at the number of entrants and at the quality and depth of many (even most) of the projects. This is something people do for fun and nominal "prizes"! We really have some great competitors producing work that I hope is as gratifying for them to produce as it is satisfying and entertaining for the rest of us to consume!

Anyway, enough of me blogging! I have other things I need to do... ;-)


  1. Take your time. I'm still poking around with my COSMAC trying to get it to do more stuff.

  2. The challenge was simply something to motivate me.
    Without publicly committing to the project, I probably never would have done it.

    1. Me too. I tend to let my projects sprawl over too long a time that they tend to go unfinished.