Monday, May 1, 2017

Pencils Down for RC2017/04

Alright, someone blow the whistle! Everyone has now seen the end of April 2017, even in their own locations. It looks like we have some great entries this time around, so I've got some work to do to catch-up! I hope Michael Mulhern has been keeping-up better than I have, but I hear that Australia may have recently tried to kill him again... ;-) So, he may be just as far behind as I am...

Sit Tight

Anyway, I am now back from the various retro computing festivities this April (i.e. the festivities that distracted me from RetroChallenge until now). With the end of the competition, Michael and I will review the various entries and attempt to boil them down to the cream of the crop...or something like that. Give us another week or so for that review and then check back here for the results.


In the meantime, feel free to answer back with any suggestions for improvements or offers to sponsor future prizes or whatever else might move you. I know that my own chief complaint this time would be about the lack of running commentary by the host and even the lack of my own entry as part of the competition. Both of those I blame on the new schedule, so if you have any suggestions as to alternate scheduling options, then please post them in the replies below! I, for one, am thinking that a February/August rotation might suite me better for me than the current April/October offering...thoughts?

Anyway, be sure to check back here in a week or so for 2017/04 results, and in the meantime remember this: you were only young once, but you can be RETRO forever!


  1. April is a bad month for me too, but pretty much any other months would be fine.

  2. October felt good to me - I don't think August would be as good for me. I'd be happy with February, not sure how much better than April it would be, but I don't think it'd be any worse. I guess they have to be six months apart? I know the old Jan/Jul schedule didn't work for me. Not that things should only suit me! Maybe a poll is in order?

  3. April worked out OK for me, this is my first time doing this.