Tuesday, September 18, 2018

RC2018/09 Halftime Report

Time marches on, and once again I find myself halfway through a RetroChallenge event with (almost) nothing to show for myself. I did manage to let my truth-seeking engage me in a really dumb argument in defense of a simple fact, and I also found some time offline for some circuit prototyping and soldering. But alas, none of that actually matched my stated RetroChallenge project...am I the only one distracted?

Thankfully, Michai Ramakers volunteered to help to move things along by providing some commentary of the documented progress so far. I reviewed his comments, and they seem thoughtful, fair, and supportive. So, I have published them as the "halftime" comments on the entrants page. I hope everyone is as happy with Michai's help as I am -- having a guest halftime reporter may have to become a regular aspect of the competition... :-)

With that said, if you are an RC2018/09 competitor then you have less than two weeks to finish-up and/or reach any "stretch" goals -- I hope you do, because that is the most fun for everyone! So, grab a nap, have a snack, and get back to work...

If you are merely an RC2018/09 spectator, then please do review the entrants page, consider the halftime comments, and check things out for yourself. If you have your own comments or if you just want to cheer-on your favorite project then feel free to comment below. Moreover, if you feel inspired to get out your retro gear and get to work, then welcome to the club!

RC2018/09 will run until midnight on 30 September 2018, and practically anything might happen between now and then. Of course, there is only one way to find-out what happens...stay tuned!

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  1. Don't worry, I got a little distracted and went off on a tangent in the past few days. I should have a post about what happened tomorrow ;)