Wednesday, March 29, 2017

RC2017/04 is coming!

The next RetroChallenge event (RC2017/04) is coming soon -- it will be here this Saturday! Do you know where your soldering iron is? Perhaps next to your floppy disks -- don't get burned!

I think we are up to 16 entrants so far, and I hope to see a few more. Often we get a few stragglers after the start of the event -- I'd like to discourage that, but I'm pretty soft about letting them in late anyway... :-)

Anyway, a late entry is time lost for participation. The whole point of RetroChallenge is to have an excuse for spending time on your goofy hobby, so don't delay -- get those entries in ASAP.

Remember, it's RetroChallenge -- the only losing move is not to play!

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