Entrants List 2020/(04-05)

Paul Robson (blog) (github) - An open source computer named Eris. This appears to be an existing project, so the entry is whatever progress is made this month.

Mark Overholser - Nothing yet, but previous years are Apple II themed.

Jim Gerrie - The usual MC-10 games

Raphael Assenat - First time MSX user

Richard Loxley - Osborne 1 repair, second attempt, with cat help

Niels Moseley - Undecided, waiting to blog updates
Abraham Vreugdenhil - Z80 program loader

Mark Wickens - COBOL and Smalltalk Programming

Matteo Trevisan - Apple I or II ELIZA based chatbot

Eric Pooch - CMS 9619A SBC running OS9

Tobias Langhoff - Dream 6800 Emulator

Eric Smith(blog) (photo album)- COSMAC ELF

Pim van Tend - forth-77 for the simh-hp2100 simulator

Jeff Salzman MOBIDIC simulator

Just4Fun -  an easy to build SBC from scratch using a V20HL (8088 + 8080) CPU

Beniamino Cenci Goga - Various old Mac projects

Decle - Attempt at using a debugger allegedly linked into World Championship Baseball for the Intellivision.  (An entry from 2020/10 that was requested to be re-entered for this retrochallenge.  I had gotten this email in May, but missed it.  )

Scott Baker (forum blog)  (Github) - Z80 in FPGA


  1. The link for my entry just takes you to my first blog post in the challenge. Here's the general link to my blog so folks can see all my posts for April: https://jimgerrie.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi, sent the mail as requested for a "new entry"... :)

  3. No halfpoint summary this year, I take it?

  4. I just wrote up a 3/4 summary on the front page. Lots of interesting projects, many of them are similar to each other.