Thursday, September 1, 2022

RC2021/10 Results

The results for RC2021/10 are in! Sure, they are very delayed, but new babies and new jobs can do that. urbancamo and ep00ch were really impressed by the skill and ingenuity displayed in all of the entries. Not to mention the sheer number of entries we received! If you didn't finish the month but made progress on a project you should be proud. If you did finish, you should be very proud. Based on the level of documentation many of you provided, I think we collectively made an indelible contribution to the computer hobby in general.

Special thanks to Juiced.GS and Australian Computer Museum Society for their promotion and particpation.

Stay tuned for details on the RC2023/01 Winter Warmup!

Results (grouped by category, then grouped by final status, no particular order besides that) after the break:

If you were initially tagged as a "Non Starter," we likely stopped checking up on you. But, if you did make some progress that we did not consider, please let us know!

All winners will be contacted soon so we can send out your mousepads and prizes!:

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