Thursday, May 31, 2018

RC2018/04 -- judging completed...

Greetings RetroChallenge fans! Some of you will be pleased to know that I have finally completed my review of the RC2018/04 projects. I have put my comments in red on the Entrants List. Please do have a look -- competitors, please review my comments for fairness and accuracy, and feel free to send me any rebuttal comments that you would like to have on the record.

I will contemplate prizes for a few days, as I collect any rebuttal statements. Don't worry, no prize of any meaningful value is likely to be awarded... :-)

Late Again

Once again I find myself in the position of apologizing for my late review of the projects. Real life can be a bit unpredictable as to when it places its requirements upon one's time, but it is starting to feel like the current RetroChallenge schedule is aligning too closely with external forces placing predictable demands on my time and attention. The "day job" can be bad enough, but CoCoFEST! and Tandy Assembly are now annual events demanding my attention in April and October.

I liked the old January and July RetroChallenge scheduling, but others had problems at those times as well. I wonder if March and September might be worth a try instead?



  1. Regarding dates: 03 / 09 seems to be ok for me! We really don't want to put unnecessary extra stress on you. – Also, your dedication to organizing the event is much appreciated – thank you!

  2. Hey John, I don't think a month to do all that is really "late" considering the number of reviewers you have on your staff ;)

    About the dates I was thinking. Is 2 times a year really set in stone and necessary ? Why don't you consider doing this once a year giving for example 2 months for people to work on their projects? This way you could fit it better in your personal schedule and at the same time people would have more time to complete their projects... The only downside of giving 2 months is that it could cause projects to fade away due to the longer duration ... If that is a possibility I would even go with once a year - one month duration.

  3. As the organiser it makes sense for you to set the schedule. Clearly those months were chosen by Dale and I based on our preferences. Great job btw and it it takes a month so be it! Best regards Mark (a hopeless dnf again here!)

  4. Twice a year, a month each time, is fine by me. And basically any 2 months on opposite sides of the year-circle are fine by me - please pick what suits you best. I'm happy this exists.

  5. Heyo! Both my blog and NoCSS are still up and functional. Various people from 68kmla have already made their "hello from(old device)" posts as well.


  7. First of all, thanks for all the judging, John! I know your mother probably told you not to be judgmental, but we appreciate it.

    As a frozen Minnesotan, I love the September/March timing, because while September is usually still pretty good weather, I don't feel too bad about spending evenings inside working on the compooter. And March, well, March is just WINTER. October + March would be even better (and 6 isn't even a prime number, so pffft).

    I think making the contest run for 2 months would be really draining. I had a hard enough time writing articles for a month, I don't think I could do that over two months. I guess I assume that if I start something earlier, I can make it clear at the start of the contest that I'm trying to finish something already in progress. The point is to do cool stuff with old junk, and try to convince others to do the same, and look around and see what neat stuff everyone else is doing. Oh, and also, to make John feel really, really guilty about not instantly taking time to personally read all our blogs and provide feedback.

  8. Thanks for running this contest.

    Yes, my uncompleted entry... I'll finish it sometime. If I don't get around to it before the next retro challenge, I'll finish it next time.

    As for the schedule, any month is usually equally good (or, I should say, equally bad) for these kinds of projects.