Sunday, April 29, 2018

RC2018/04 almost over...already??

Time is, once again, the enemy of us all. What started on April 1st will soon be at an end, and where has the time gone? Those watching on Twitter have seen a lot of activity from at least a slice of the competitors. In the meantime, once again I have had a busy month in real life -- I didn't even produce a half-time report for this go 'round! Shame on me...

Final Stretch

Despite my personal difficulties (who decided to do this in April??), the competition has progressed with each individual competitor making their own way as usual. As of now, another day and a few more hours remain. Some competitors may already be finished, and others hopelessly behind. For those in the middle, now is your last chance!

So, solder those parts, turn those screws, burn that code into ROM, and do whatever else remains to make things presentable. Oh, and tidy-up those blogs and send me a reminder ASAP if you moved your blog or switched to YouTube or smoke signals or whatever else. Meanwhile, I'll sift through my book pile and my stack of antique electronics in search of a few suitable prizes.

So that's about it -- pencils down tomorrow and then I'll need some time to review the final reports. Bonne chance, buena suerte, good luck, etc. Set fun to maximum!


  1. Just completed the final post for my project literally 20 seconds ago... Talk about last minute!

  2. Done! Well, done with the challenge, anyway. Thanks for hosting, and doing all that reading John! I had a lot of fun, and learned a ton of things that were all new to me. I count that as a success any day.