RetroChallenge Rules

RetroChallenge is "a strange game"… while it has its competitive side, it’s not really a contest… it’s more like global thermonuclear war — everyone can play, but nobody really wins.

Competition "Rules"

  1. RetroChallenge commences on the 1st of the designated month and runs until the end of the last day of the designated month in any timezone you like. Organizers may provide for a few extra days for participants to update and finalize blog posts before judging begins.
  2. In order to qualify, computer systems must be "vintage" (about 20 years old or older). However, exceptions will always be made for exotica or systems that are suitably obsolete!
  3. Vintage gaming consoles, PDAs, and microcontrollers also qualify.
  4. When appropriate, replica hardware and emulators may be used.
  5. Participants are responsible for adequately documenting their projects and submitting regular updates during the competition, preferably with an announcement on twitter tagging #retrochallenge and @retrochallenge.
  6. The intention is a friendly competition where everyone can follow each other's blogs and watch progress.
  7. Projects may encompass any aspect of retro/vintage computing that tickles the fancy of the individual participant.
  8. "Winners" will be carefully selected and adulation bestowed.
  9. Have fun!