Entrants List 2017/10

Listed below are the competitors joining us for the 2017/10 event:

Mark D. Overholser (aka MarkO)



To make this a project that actually can be completed in time, I am "attempting" a Multi-Player, Networked Text Adventure, with a Server running on a modern PC, and the Clients being the Apple ][, ( with the Uthernet II Card ) and the Tandy CoCo, ( with a Serial Port and a Lantronix UDS-10/100/1000 ).

I still have not given up on the Idea of Networked CoCos and Apples and C64/C128s and such..

I WILL have something to Demonstrate this Time...

Shaun M. Wheeler (aka Conceited Jerk)



I've been out of the hobby for far too long, and it's time I got back into it.  There are two Amigas in my lab in dire need of TLC, as well as a Sparcstation IPC (of unknown origin) that begs to be explored.  My goal is to get each of these systems running,  then to do something marginally interesting with them.

D. Bruce Moore


Getting "Forest of Doom" shipped for November 2017. This includes more and more testing, promotional material, and refusing to add any new features.

Mark Sherman



Count me in.  It'll be at this address, but I'm not sure what it will be yet.

Paul Robson



I'm going to try to create a plausible emulation/simulation/bit of both of the Atari Cosmos. This is going to require a fair amount of research and coding as there is no technical information (other than a few pics and the COP444) and no ROM dumps and only a few pictures and descriptions.

Niels Moseley (aka TRC_WM)



I'm going to attempt to implement the General Instruments SP0256 speech synthesizer chip on an FPGA, unless it turns into something else completely...

Frank Linde



At the beginning of RC 2017/04 I promised my dearly beloved PET 2001 that it will be transformed into a Color-PET this year. I stand by my promise.

Spring-RetroChallenge lead to a color graphic system on a breadboard. It was capable of displaying 320 by 240 pixels at 256 colors on a VGA monitor. Besides a few quirks it worked quite reliable but was not connected to the PET at all.

During this RetroChallenge I plan to get rid of the remaining bugs, integrate the graphic system into the PET and write a BASIC extension that supports graphic primitives like DrawPixel, DrawLine, ClearScreen, etc.

Sean McNamarra (aka europlus)


 And so, for the third Retrochallenge in a row, I am entering my “continuing stooooooory” of a europlus Refurbapalooza into the mix for Retrochallenge 2017/10.

I’m now at the stage of chronologically aligning the base (with serial number) to power supply to motherboard – my intention is to troubleshoot the motherboards once attached to the bases and connected to the power supplies, but before affixing the top case – it will make swapping chips out that much easier, especially at the front and back of the motherboards.

I’ll also aim to replace any missing/damaged/moved rubber feet on the bases, and hopefully clean the top plastic cases.

My minimal aim is to have at least one extra fully operational unit by the end of October – given the glitches I saw when I quickly ran through all the machines, I think it’ll be a stretch to get them all working, but I will try.

Jim Gerrie

(Tweet free)


Here's a brief list of some of my latest games for the MC-10.

"Fly Wheel," a Pole Position style game:

"Atanarjuat" (a legendary Inuit runner), an infuriating maze race against the computer:

"Pyramid Solitaire:"

"The Search for Sherlock Holmes," text adventure:

"Star Traders," the original space trading simulation (1974), by Dave Kaufman. This may be the only working Basic Version on the Net (at least that I can find):

"Mt. Fuji Eruption," run and avoid the falling lava! Based on a game of the same name for the NEC PC6001:

I’d like to join in on the Retro Challenge.  I’ll try to blog about the projects above that I haven’t written about yet.  Basically, Fly Wheel, Atanarjuat, Pyramid, Sherlock and a few other little progs I have been fooling around with lately.

Scott Lawrence



Finish up and release v1 of LlamaTerminal- my portable serial terminal software, with retro computer theming/colors. (C++, QT Composer, Linux/Mac/Windows)

I have oodles of fonts already in it for various computers and terminals(png based fonts) and I've got much of the front end done.  I need to finish up the serial code and menus to make it into a usable app.  (Originally inspired by having an RC2014 and a spare CHIP computer.)

I put the fonts I made in the project here https://github.com/BleuLlama/LlamaTerminal/tree/master/Fonts and I tried to make the license open enough so that they may be reused. :)

Oh and perhaps make some of these as TrueType/Web Fonts if I have time.

Matteo Trevisan (aka Toolkitman)



In this Retrochallenge entry i want to try to duplicate in paper, the case of the original Power Mac G4 Cube and to modify Raspbian to be similar to his original OS. Nothing more nothing less.

John W. Linville



For this RetroChallenge, I intend to start basic reverse engineering of the TRS-80 VIDEOTEX terminal. Possible outputs include a memory map, a high level schematic, a custom software image to run on the device, or a simple MAME emulation of the device.

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